Gold Collection

Enjoy This Exclusive Gold Edition Combo!

Feel Good - This blend was created because I love to sing and being a public speaker, I actually use my voice a lot as well and I often need to project my voice that may not always be present! The herbs in this tea soothe the throat which helps clear passage and also strengthens vocal chords. This tea also relives headaches and allergies!  

Wake Me Up - This healthy choice is perfect for getting your day started! "Wake Me Up" has the benefits of boosting energy, easing stress and relieving pain , fights fatigue and enhances mental clarity. This Tea Contains Caffeine Free Compounds that help aid Arthritis and Cancer. 

No Pressure - This healthy choice has the benefits of lowering blood pressure and blood fats! It also serves as a great source a Vitamin C , Helps decrease Heart Failure and increase Arthritis relief!

Kidney Tonic - This healthy choice has the benefits of treating fragile kidneys, painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. It can also treat urinary problems during the early stages of an enlarged prostate, infections of the bladder, urethra and kidney stones. This tea contains compounds that also treats stomach acid, and serves as a stimulant and tonic!

Crazy Hormones - This tea was created to help manage life with PCOS! This wonderful tea combined with the Crazy Hormone Powder helps regulate periods within two weeks of use! This tea also contains compounds that help with fertility and mood swings!