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Iced Teas

Reiki Charged Teas

Post Surgery Care Package

Day & Night Collection

Allergy and Cold Relief

High Blood Pressure Regulation

Crazy Hormones Package

Black Teas

Sea Moss Collection

Slim Me Down Challenge

Green Teas

Mood Booster

What About Us?

Kie’s Specialty Tea is The Only Reiki Powered Tea Brand in the World!

100% organic, Gluten-Free and known to be good for the soul. Created to combat chemotherapy side effects and other health complications.

Kie's Specialty Tea is known for our Medium Sized 100% Natural Unbleached Tea bags full of powerful, natural, medical tested herbs activated by Reiki. 

All of Kie's Specialty Teas can be reused up to 3x times and still have full affect! They stay fresh up to three years!

Stress Assassin

I drink Stress Assassin every night before bed and it makes me feel so calm and relaxed! 

Sandra Wills

No Pressure

No Pressure has helped me lower my blood pressure and help with night sweats! 

Angela Washington

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up is my favorite because of not being able to drink caffeine but still needing energy, this tea gives me energy throughout the day without the mid day crash!

Celest Smith

Slim Me Down Challenge

Slim Me Down has helped me lose 10 pounds within two weeks ! This tea really works!

Stephen Steel

Feel Good

My favorite is Feel Good because it relieves allergies and headaches while tasting great !

Kolin Serna

Not Approved by FDA

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