Nana's Favorite Sea Moss Tea

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100% Organic Gluten Free Herbal Tea 

Sea Moss , Hibiscus, Chamomile, Blackberry Leaves , Licorice , Horsetail, Bladderwrack

Nana's Favorite is the Ultimate Immune Booster and most beneficial for Cancer Patients, Those who suffer from Diabetes and Weak Immune System!

Did You Know: Sea Moss 

  • Sea Moss Contains Iron and Can Help You Have More Energy. 
  • Sea Moss Contains More The 90% of Nutrients Our Bodies Need.
  • Sea Moss Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
  • Sea Moss Strengthens the Immune System and Helps to Prevent Sickness. 
  • Sea Moss Can Help You Build Strong, Lean Muscles.

This healthy choice has the benefits of boosting energy and metabolism. "Nana's Favorite"  aids thyroids, respiratory system ,digestive system and immune system.

This tea Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer and Regulate Diabetes.